Our Elevator Services Are Simply The Best

Our Mission
Not to satisfy, but to "AMAZE" our customers.

Welcome to EMR Elevator, Inc., the largest independent elevator company in the state of Texas. We are not bound by union labor agreements, allowing us to provide a more customized service plan to our customers. We are based in Arlington, and have branch offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Waco. Our business was founded on the highest standards of customer service excellence, a tradition we extend to each and every new client we work with. We are the best in everything we do, and the reason is surprisingly simple – we care. We care about our customers; we care about the quality of our service; and we care about the products we offer. The result is a reputation for excellence that remains unsurpassed by our competitors. We have the skills and experience necessary to meet all of your demands and exceed all of your expectations.

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Isn’t it time you worked with the best? What are you waiting for? Contact EMR Elevator, Inc. today! For general information, call 817-701-2400 or for 24-hour service, call toll free at 888-936-7462.